Growth Groups

Coming in Autumn 2019

After summer this year we are launching our Growth Groups with two options:

1. Discipleship Explored
2. Behold Your God

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It is our desire to see our people grow, not just personally, but together as the family of faith in our community. Since last summer we have stopped Small Groups to focus on prayer first. Though Small Groups were enjoyed by some, our desire has always been that all of our people would be committed to praying and growing together. Our aim in stopping Small Groups was always to get to a place where all of our people were growing together rather than just some. Therefore, we have been focusing firstly on building momentum and fellowship in praying together (Whole Church Prayer & Homes for Prayer) before we do anything else. From this, we hope to remove any obstacles preventing people from growing together in groups.

We hope that you can join us in one of these groups and take advantage, not just of these excellent resources, but the use of these resources alongside other people.

For every adult we gave out invitations to sign up to either of these groups. If you did not receive one of these, please let us know. If you did and have yet to respond, please do so, then we can connect you with others who will be joining you and where you need to be connected for information and updates.

Autumn 2019 A6 Invitation1
Autumn 2019 A6 Invitation Back

If you want to sign up for either, please contact Alan or Susan Stirling with your information and you will be updated and notified with the relevant information.

More info to follow.